What Is Influencer Marketing



Influencer marketing is the style of social media marketing that you probably see most whenever you open up your social media apps, it is literally unavoidable...but thats what makes it so good! We currently live in a world where celebrities rool roost, so why not use them to successfully highlight your comapny to thousands (even millions) of new customers all at once!

The process involves finding and matching you with the best influencer who can promote your company either via reviewing or product placement. Essentially influencers are someone with the power to affect the buying habits or quantifiable actions of others by uploading some form of content to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or other online channels. Our expert team will work with you to enroll influencers who have an established credibility and audience on social media in a similar field to you, to discuss or mention your company in an online post. 

Our talent talent roster has a combined social media following of over 30M+ followers. With a great mix of international TV personalities, Music Artists, DJ’s, Fashion Models, Bodybuilders and Professional Athletes; who can get your company new traction from all demographics. Whether you are in need of male/female influencers, or micro and macro ones we can definitely provide the best options for you!

Let us build your social media profile your business, contact us today.


Aaron Gill

163,000 Instagram Followers 


Biggs Chris

151,000 Instagram Followers

Chloe Chaloner

167,000 Instagram Followers

Dee Nguyen

98,300 Instagram Followers

Dom Lever

671,000 Instagram Followers


Georgia Crone

42,300 Instagram Followers

Jamie Clayton

92,400 Instagram Followers

Jordan Davies

676,000 Instagram Followers

Kailah Casillas

351,000 Instagram Followers


Kieran Lee

59,800 Instagram Followers

Marty McKenna

606,000 Instagram Followers

Melissa Reeves

236,000 Instagram Followers

Nathan Deasha

90,100 Instagram Followers

Sam Bird

615,000 Instagram Followers

Sarah Goodhart

112,000 Instagram Followers

Tash Candyce

38,900 Instagram Followers