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SEO is all about content. If you get your content right you have created a solid foundation to support all of your other SEO goals. Essentially, the more quality content you have on your website the more interesting you are to users and will usually spend more time on your site.

There are some interesting factors to consider when developing content:

  • Content Research / Keyword Research - You need to begin with solid keyword research so you can create content based on these keywords so you can create content which effectively "answers" that user query.
  • Key Content  - Keyword density is paramount for quality content but in saying that, there is no perfect number to aim for when using your specified keywords. The key is to use common sense and to make sure your content is easy to read, has good grammar, and is organised around the topic of conversation. Avoid having duplicate content on your website, this is obviously penalised by Google in one way or another.
  • Create Fresh and Unique Content - There is absolutely no point writing good content if it is not frequent enough. One of the keys is to create content on a regular basis and upload new content on a regular basis to keep your existing visitor base returning as well as inviting in new visitors, not only that but the search engines absolutely love new content.

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