Social Media

Social Media can be important for business growth by getting your business exposed to communities and social circles online.


Social Media Plan


Here at Splash Developments, we can tailor a Social Media Plan to suit your business needs. We implement shrewd management of these social profiles so you can focus on other aspects of your business. You will remove all the stress involved with  and take away the worry of this work by building a solid online reputation through online social circles.


Social Media Plan


It is important to consider that the Social Media programs we offer include, and are not limited to, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp and Pinterest. Our plans are based upon a long term vision of success for your business and with our combination of unique experience and deep knowledge within the digital marketing space, we can manage your online prescence for you. The plans are based around the idea that Social Media is dynamic and consumed within an ever-changing landscape of possiblities to boost your business and solidify that reputation you desire. Have a read below of some of our case studies in action.

 Case Study - Bob's Financial Planners

Bob's Financial Planning business should focus on Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin profiles to really get their message across.

  • Facebook because of its widespread reach, popularity and ease of use
  • Google+ because of it's strong community sense and SEO benefits
  • LinkedIn due to it's professional connections and reach in the B2B world


 Case Study - Annie's Art Store

On the flip side, Annie's Art Store would want to manage social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for the following reasons:

  • The visual reach each of those Social Media platforms can achieve for an art business
  • The ability to use highly visual streams such as creating a Pinterest Pinboard to expose artworks to the general public who are also online
  • Ease of keeping in touch with business connections through follows, likes or pins is simple yet effective


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