Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is often classified as the black magic of the Internet. However being found on the web is relatively straight forward and ultimately drills back to both the content and structure of your website.

The main problem with poorly ranked websites is that they don't comply to most open standards that bots and spiders look for, so although you might have a red hot website, potential customers are unable to find you which may result in the website failing.

Splash Developments offer a range of SEO strategies from organic link building, optimisation of web page structure to Google Adwords. In addition, we also have a business article directory which you can post your latest website news article too in order to assist with organic link building.

The process: 

  • Customer sets aside specific keywords that they wish the website to be optimised for (your goals)
  • Consultation on KeyWords including in-depth competition analysis (getting the mix right)
  • We develop an SEO plan to achieve those goals (considering both on-page/off-page strategies)
  • Customer agreement
  • Optimization process begins ('black magic' in motion)
  • Monthly reporting (ROI - keeping the score)

If you are interested in our SEO services, please don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you and your business get on the right track to online success.