Our Story

Splash Developments has been operational since 2008 with our prime focus on e-based solutions.

All our custom websites are locally managed and securely housed in a Tier III data centre in Sydney, Australia. We only support and manage clients on our own infrastructure and act as web specialists and partners - to varying degrees of need - with our clients.

We have invested heavily in our own infrastructure to provide our customer with a fast, stable and secure environment for web sites, web applications and email hosting.

Our team’s experience has a combined total of 20 years in the Web Industry and we have a range of skills including Application development, Networking & Web Security experts.

Although we are very technically trained, we offer simple solutions to technical problems using the latest web based technologies.

We have built a very strong contact network within our industry and are aligned with a number of design houses that we work closely with on a regular basis. This ensures that we are producing custom website designs and applications with the latest technology and keeping our customers ahead of their competition.