Content Management System

Here at Splash Developments, we believe that our customers should control their own content, whilst being able to maintain a professional look and feel. 

To cater for our beliefs, we have spent a number of years fine tuning our Content Management System (CMS) to ensure it's simple for our customers to use whilst being flexible and functional. 

Every website that we build is driven by our own custom built Content Management System!

Why do we do this?

We build every website on our CMS platform because we believe that our customers should have control over their own content. We believe that software should be easy to use and intuative, hence why we have spent considerable time on R&D and created our own custom developed CMS system for our customers.

Splash-CMS Features:
    •    Web based login portal & management
    •    Easy & consistent management of menu items
    •    Content changes through the industry's leading WSYIWYG (MS Word based interface)
    •    Ability to update images & files
    •    Preview Changes
    •    Ability to add, edit, remove emails & email forwarders
    •    Search Engine Keywords
    •    Plugable Modules options (E-Newsletter, Image Manager, News Manager, E-Commerce, Catalogues)