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    UPDATED: Mobile SEO - Why it is Important for Your Website!

    Many businesses and people within business underestimate the value of a mobile-friendly website in todays digital age.

    Read below on why mobile SEO is so important these days, as well as giving you some much needed tips in order to optimize that mobile website of yours!

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    Black Friday Sales - Your Online Safety!

    Black Friday is known as shopping mayhem. If you love shopping and finding bargains, odds are that you already know about it! But how do you know that all of the online shops you visit are legitimate? How do you check if the website is secure?

    Read on to find out what online measures you can take to make sure your credit card details aren't stolen while grabbing a bargain!

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    What Are The Benefits of Having a Professional Email

    A custom email address shows the online world that you’ve created a real business. Your old or shows to the online community that your actual business is more like a part-time job or hobby.

    Read more to find out how Splash Developments can help your business - large or small!

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    E-commerce and how it can benefit your business

    Should you be selling online?

    Many business operators in the traditional sense can feel hesitant and a little overwhelmed with the thought of shifting business online.

    Read below on the how to's and how to decide if ecommerce is good for your business.

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    Is an e-commerce website the best solution for your business?

    What is e-commerce and what are some of the benefits?

    E-commerce is short for 'electronic commerce'. It is essentially the same as traditional commerce in the sense that buyers and sellers come together to do business - buying and selling goods.

    The marketplace however, certainly has made a huge shift from days of old. Electronic transactions are the new way of doing business and the marketplace is more frequently 'online'.

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    Taking your business online

    Custom website development or DIY?

    No matter the size and nature of your business – whether offering a service to a small pocket of your local community or targeted products on a global scale – having an online presence via a cutting edge website means that you can and will be found and the search for some can come to an end. Lovely story isn’t it!

    Well this is a reality for many thousands of successful businesses and organisations. This almost living, breathing thing being the Internet continues to grow, expand and evolve. You’ll need to consider whether to create your own website, or work together with an experienced web developer to build a custom website.