What Are The Benefits of Having a Professional Email
20 May 2016

 Professional Emails can Make the Difference

A custom email address shows the online world that you've created a real business. Your old or shows to the online community that your actual business is more like a part-time job or hobby. People won't take you as seriously and you may not be getting as many enquiries as if you had a professional domain name registered for your company!

A business email that matches your domain makes it simple for your customers to find you since they can associate your email address with your business. Usually, a customer will find it easier and more trustworthy if they are emailing to a business domain name as opposed to an email address which contains your first name . last name followed by the webmail provider such as Yahoo! Or Google.

I've decided to list below some reasons why registering a domain name can be ever so important when you start up a business of your own:

Building Customer Trust

We can create professional emails such as and create group mailing lists such as [email protected] or [email protected] so your business has that professional touch. Potential customers are usually able to trust these email addresses more than personal-sounding email addresses.

Can you remember the postal address for say Diona Pty Ltd? I don’t think so. But you would guess that you could find Diona online at and contact them with an email to [email protected] Am I right? You can see the convenience you give to your customers or potential customers by having a professional email address for your business?

Separate Personal from Business

Having a business email can mean more privacy. It can separate your personal life from your work life. You can take control of your online image while looking like a true professional at the same time.

Let's say for example, you frustrate a tech-savvy individual who then sees your first and last name followed by or For a small price, we can organise a domain name that YOU OWN and set up email addresses on your behalf to take the worry out of it.

First in, First Served

Domain names are required to be unique as the old saying goes, "first in, best dressed". So once a domain name is registered and secured, it cannot be owned by anyone else. So one company can beat others to a domain name even if it doesn't operate within the same industry! Second best will just have to choose a different domain name to have their online presence registered to.

You can quickly check by following this link to see if a possible domain name you are thinking of registering is already taken.

Why Choose Splash Developments for your web needs?

At Splash, we pride ourselves in hosting each website on state-of-the-art servers and local infrastructure located in Australia, so we can promise that your website and email will be delivered fast! We have an average up time of 99.9% which surpasses the industry benchmark of 99.7%.

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