UPDATED: Mobile SEO - Why it is Important for Your Website!
01 December 2016


UPDATE: The link for the Google Mobile-Friendly Test has been updated below.


What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO focuses around the idea that search engine optimisation for websites increases their ranking in mobile searches. We all should know by now that SEO for websites is crucial for organic ranking for Google, Bing and Yahoo! searches but we are spending more and more time on our mobile devices while we are constantly on the move, which is why Mobile SEO is becoming increasingly more important by the day.


Why is Mobile SEO important?

Leading on from above, we are able to access the world wide web at any moment of the day with our handheld devices that are essentially 'mini-computers'. Technology allows us to take in more information, on the move, as ever before. People are constantly searching the internet for information about restaurants, bars, hotels, food spots, childcare centre opening hours, dog walkers, or even, 'why are carrots orange'? or 'is the month of July really named after Julius Caesar?'.


Mobile SEO infographic


The above infographic (credit to explains the statistics from resolving around the idea that the shift to mobile is well underway (and this was back in 2013!).

  • 90% of smartphone users accessed the Internet via their smartphone devices daily;
  • 58% of smartphone owners used Search Engines on their smartphones every day;
  • 52% of smartphone owners visited

This time last year, Google amended their search algorithm for mobile search results in which having your website as 'mobile-friendly' and 'responsive' will boost your rankings. While this update didn't directly affect desktop or tablet devices, it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly and responsive site so your website looks professional across all platforms for consumers.


Mobile SEO Tips from Splash Developments

Here are some ways you can improve your website so it is searchable across all devices:

  • Having a responsive website does not necessarily provide more web-traffic but it does assist in keeping visitors/potential customers on your site for a longer period of time and as a consequence will have a positive experience towards your brand
  • A responsive website should load quickly enough so a user will not get frustrated and leave the site. Here at Splash Developments we can advise you on the best way to overcome these issues. Check out Chateau Architects + Builders on your mobile device and see how responsive that site is. We have a scrolling slideshow of projects on the Home page and navigation is made easy through buttons large enough to select accurately
  • Check Google's Free Mobile-Friendly Test to see if your current website is mobile-friendly according to the most popular Search Engine. If it is, then great! If it isn't, then contact Splash Developments today and we can discuss how we can develop your website so it performs as it should but most of all optimise it so it's Mobile SEO is as strong as it can be!

Google Mobile Friendly Test