E-commerce and how it can benefit your business
27 February 2016

E-commerce and the online market place

Is an e-commerce website the best solution for your business?

It all sounds rather peachy doesn’t it? What business owner doesn’t want to sell around the clock, increase their customer base and improve automation and efficiency while cutting costs?

While there is certainly much to gain, a common concern is about striking the right balance, and working out how to make move to selling online without hurting current operations.

There is no obligation to throw all eggs into one basket and shift all of your sales online. The trick here is to grow your marketplace, and to capture more share online, while continuing to conduct and grow business as usual. This is a great way to test out the market, and could highlight some excellent opportunities around where and how you can make changes in the future.

We have had clients shift all of their sales online after 3 months of astounding success. For others, they have been steadily growing their international customer base, while still maintaining their local store presence in the community.

Some of the less 'peachy' e-commerce considerations

Delivery time – If you’re selling an online product or e-book for example, then this is not a problem. Not so easy when selling physical goods. You will need to consider carefully your route to market and how you can integrate your e-commerce process with current business operations. Expectations need to also be clearly set to avoid customer dissatisfaction with delivery times.

The ums and ahs – hesitancy of buyers – Some customers and businesses are hesitant to do transactions online. It’s a challenge to fulfil the same tangible needs customers have when buying a product in-store. So how can your site bridge this gap? Some successful online retailers will use an image gallery and even videos of their products to overcome this issue.

Security! Security! – Online safety is critical and your customers will want to be assured of privacy implications, confidentiality as well as the security of all information during transactions.

The e-commerce website

If you are ready to get out there you’re going to need an e-commerce website, and work together with an experienced e-commerce software developer.

Keep in mind the following things which will make both your own e-commerce experience and the experience of your customers all the more pleasant and effective:
•    Security – what measure are in/place to ensure the privacy and safety of your customer’s transactions?
•    CMS – Content Management System – Does the e-commerce software have a CMS that is easy to use, and will allow you and your team to update your e-commerce website effectively?
•    Image gallery software – How will your customer be able to experience your products online?
•    Procurement software – Is the e-commerce software proven to track real-time data on stock-levels?
•    Business fit – Are the developers able to customise their e-commerce software to suit your products and online selling needs?
•    Marketing/E-marketing strategy – How will people find your e-commerce site? Have you optimised for SEO? Will you use Google Adwords or other advertising? What about social media?

The sky really is the limit once you have an attractive, functional and interactive e-commerce website up and running. Especially when it’s one that really fits the needs of your customer base. Together, teamed with a brilliant online marketing strategy you are well on your way to growing your market and business.

To find out more about how an e-commerce website can set you up for success, please don’t hesitate to contact our talented web developers at Splash Developments. With a combined 20 years experience in the industry, our developers have designed a functional e-commerce website platform as well as a CMS that our clients love.

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