Is an e-commerce website the best solution for your business?
20 January 2014

E-commerce and the online market place

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is short for ‘electronic commerce’. It is essentially the same as traditional commerce in the sense that buyers and sellers come together to do business – buying and selling goods. The marketplace however, certainly has made a huge shift from days of old. Electronic transactions are the new way of doing business and the marketplace is more frequently ‘online’. Within the definition of e-commerce sits transactions via phone and fax, however more and more it’s about getting the right infrastructure in the form of an e-commerce website and selling online.

Many business operators in the traditional sense can feel hesitant and a little overwhelmed with the thought of shifting business online. How do you know if your clients will follow you? How will people find you online?

Benefits of e-commerce

If you have some hesitations, here are some of the major benefits of having an e-commerce website that are worth considering:

• Business Hours are 24/7 - The Internet never sleeps, and recent trends show that your customers could be browsing at any time. Moving online means that there are no breaks, business hours and your e-commerce website software will conduct all the sales for you even while you sleep giving you more opportunity to sell your products/services.

• Local business becomes global potential - Depending on how you target and position your e-commerce website, your customer base can grow instantly by getting online. If you’re competitive enough, or have a unique product offering there’s no telling which businesses and customers around the world will want to connect with, and buy from you.

• Long-term cost-efficiency for your business – With the automation of most of the transaction features, the general costs of running a business are reduced making it cost-efficient and economical. Middlemen and overhead costs for example are reduced, and administration made easier and more efficient. Or you might be selling so much that you need actually bigger team, which has been the case for some clients.

To find out more about how an e-commerce website can set you up for success, please don’t hesitate to contact our talented web developers at Splash Developments. With a combined 25 years experience in the industry, our developers have designed a functional e-commerce website platform as well as a CMS that our clients love.

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