Black Friday Sales - Your Online Safety!
24 November 2016

Online Safety for Black Friday Sales!

Even though Black Friday sales originated in the US, it has been quickly adopted here in Australia. Black Friday bargains are hitting Australia tomorrow, 25th November, where stores (and online stores) give people access to great bargains just once a year - usually on electronic goods and fashion.

It all began in the United States in the 1960s where businesses wanted to increase profits before the end of the shopping season. They essentially wanted to turn their red records into black indicating that they were in profit once more. In recent years, Black Friday sales have moved online too where you can shop from the convenience of your own home or office, and you usually have access to greater bargains! There is a risk in online shopping though so people should go through a website to check that it is a legitimate online store, otherwise you could be stung!


Just remember, trust your instincts and use common sense. If a deal looks too good to be true, it most likely is! 


Speaking from experience, most websites that sell products for their Black Friday promotion are legitimate however, not all are entirely safe. I’ve been stung buying a book online a few years back (before working in the web world) by sprinting through the payment process only to find at the end, it didn’t generate an invoice. I was happy at the time to just blame it on the computer/internet, close the window and wait for a confirmation email but it never came.

The most obvious signs were hitting me right in the face, I just was just simply uneducated in online shops and internet security to notice them! I would like to think that I have brushed up on my web skills since then working in the web world, so I want to help you avoid my situation by listing some simple checks when purchasing something online.

Only Shop At Secure Websites

Black Friday Shopping Main Categories for Australia

This goes without saying really – shop at websites that you know! Is the business a known brand? Have your friends and family heard of the brand before? If you do an online shop at The Iconic then it would be safe to say that the payment procedure is secure. However, if you come across a website that is trying to mimic that particular online fashion business called The Ironic, then I would steer clear if I were you. Top online businesses want to be as secure as possible because it is their brand at stake, so they integrate the best e-commerce platforms available to make sure that you, the customer, feel safe and secure buying a product from them.

When checking an online business for its credibility, you should always make note that some details are available on the website:

1.    ABN Number is on the Homepage or Contact Page

2.    Email address to contact the business for support

3.    Contact phone number for any queries you may have

Ensure the Web Address Starts With ‘http://’ or ‘https://’

Many website will display a lock symbol in the address bar. This is most commonly seen on the payment page of an online store and indicates that it is using a very secure https:// connection which makes it safe for you to enter your details.


The Padlock Symbol is Something to Look Out For With Online Shopping


You won’t see this symbol on every single page of an online store – and that is absolutely okay. Not every page requires this level of security but it should be shown on pages where you have to commit your personal and payment details and if it doesn’t – don’t do it!

Keep A Record

What I tend do to since my scam is taking a screenshot of the web invoice which is generated after your payment has been processed. This should have details such as total price, delivery address, product number, order number but most importantly, the traders’ business details.

Another thing is saving any emails that are associated with the order, so you have a record of when it was shipped and its estimated time of arrival. Taking these steps is important if for instance, you have paid but the product doesn’t arrive and you can contact the business regarding the ETA; or if you have a warranty issue later on. Above all, it gives you peace of mind if the purchase goes pear shaped.

Just remember, trust your instincts and use common sense. If a deal looks too good to be true, it most likely is!

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