The Emporium

The elegant styling of The Emporium website was born from Splash's recognition that a customer's site must present itself in a sophisticated manner. A core tenant of Splash Development's design philosophy is to sell more than a product, an image, through which greater commercial success is possible.

In the case of The Emporium, an interior design company, it was of the utmost importance to show potential customers the quality of The Emporium's brand.

A motif of red and black flow throughout the site tied together with smooth drop-down menus and transitioning slide-shows, showcasing the products and services of the client. 

Dynamically created menus, product listings and product pages allow the client to quickly add new content and congruently format it with the site. Moreover a live news feed gives The Emporium the capacity to whimsically and instantaneously notify visitors of recent updates to the company providing a long term solution to maintaining the company's image.