Hatzis Cusack Lawyers


Every type of business has different online needs. Whatever they may be Splash is here to help. Hatzis Cusack approached Splash Developments with an idea, it was up the talented development team to refine it and put it into action.

A site was needed which combined sophistication with subtlety. As a law firm, building confidence and a sense of reliability in an audience is of the utmost importance. Splash undertook this challenge with close attention given to the reception of the audience while at the same time creating a site which is highly effective as an advertising medium.

Using a conservative layout along with simple yet elegant colours and an easy to navigate structure, Splash developed the site. The use of satin blue, greys and black, contrasted against vibrant headings immediately directs the audience’s attention. Aside from the main content of the site, Splash saw it necessary to provide any first time viewers with both background information and something engaging to read. This was quickly resolved with integration of Splash’s News Manager Plug-in by which news articles and stories can be dynamically fed onto the site providing returned customers with different content each time.

Through the employment of simple, highly developed ideas, Splash has ensured longevity in the online success of the business.