Race Solutions


Splash Development’s strong use of mixed media in Race Solutions embodies all the motivations of a modern, up to date website. The integration of You Tube videos as well as image content manifested in the form of galleries provides an engaging experience for any audience.

However the site is not simply limited to visual content. Splash immediately recognised that the site should promote the love of cars and motorsport while still acting as an online storefront. Using common sense and clever marketing psychology Splash partitioned the shop and advertising components creating two completely different experiences in the one website.

Splash Development’s speciality in integrating E-Commerce with stable and engaging advertising meant that this site could retain a flavour of its own. It was only intuitive to Splash that the site should be no less than custom made. Furthermore it should incorporate all aspects of online tools and resources Splash had to offer. An Image Manager and a News Manager Module meant that the site owners could, at the drop of a hat, add, modify and improve content. Moreover the News Manager Module significantly increased the priority of page listings on Google providing an overwhelming increase in site traffic.

Through a careful yet liberal use of media and E-Commerce tools Splash provided an online revenue raising instrument which will ultimately provide long term business value.