MPS Garage

MPS Garage is a company which specialises in the sale of high performance parts for Mazdas as well as Mitsubishi, BMW, Subaru, Nissan and Honda. The goal of Splash was to ensure that the site provided optimal functionality and usability while at the same time presenting a relatively unique kind of business.

Splash immediately attacked the usability of the site by integrating an E-Commerce Platform with a fully functional shopping cart. Having selected the parts they wish to purchase, customers can quickly and easily make a credit card payment to the online EFTPOS system.

The advertising component was resolved by exploiting a simple yet clever template along with social media. The addition of a News Manager module, custome designed by Splash, also provided up to date, engaging content and search engine optimisation. The latter in particular was extremely successful; by simply typing MPS Exhaust into Google one immediately sees MPS Garage atop the results.

Splash Development’s success in satisfying every aspect of the customer’s needs through a perfect combination of advertising and functionality means future success for any commercial endeavours.