Elie's Hair and Beauty


Though it may be a relatively small website, Elie’s Hair and Beauty required the utmost time and effort in order to achieve something truly satisfactory. It wasn’t acceptable to quickly and carelessly piece together a simple page from generic forms and other sites. Particular emphasis had to be given to the style and composure of the site with specific attention given to the audience - the cornerstone of advertising.

Elie’s Hair and Beauty is a site solely used as a medium for advertising, thus it was fundamental to produce something inspired and unique. The use of graphics played a huge role in the site’s construction. Splash deemed it necessary that the most up to date graphics and media be on the site. This did not pose any challenge to Splash Developments. With in no time at all Splash’s custom Image Manager Module was installed. This meant that any site administrator can quickly login and, with a few quick clicks, add new content to the World Wide Web. The module was designed with motivations of simplicity and usability. The beauty of the Image Manager’s design is in its easy to use interface through which clients may quickly and intuitively add and modify content on their website eliminating the need to waste time and money consulting a webmaster.

The clear and elegant composure of the site achieved by Splash as well as the clever use of media content and layout of information provides any user with an enjoyable online experience. With Splash’s assistance Elie’s is able to continue a strong online presence undeniably benefitting their business for years to come.