Playdays Preschool

This site presented somewhat of a challenge for Splash as they were forced to produce a much more organic site with specific attention given to anthropic qualities. However, by no means could any business aspects be neglected. The site is immediately identifiable by its use of vibrant colour and images Splash believed was fundamental in showing the quality of childcare service Playdays had to offer.

Splash Developments worked hard to develop a custom template which did justice to all the facets of the firm. Once again Splash endeavoured to logically layout the site to improve accessibility and navigation for users.

Aesthetic and visual objectives were quickly achieved through the utilisation of Splash’s custom Content Management System. Splash Development’s Image Management System provided Playdays with an effective and easy means of continually updating and adding content to their website. Other useful tools provided by Splash included User Management such as custom, secure logins for site staff and a News Manager Plug-in which allows new content to be quickly added by site administrators with no prior training or knowledge.

Ultimately Splash focused on creating a site which solved the needs of the business as well as met the vision of the client ultimately providing a stable asset for the company’s future.