FMW Finance

Trust, professionalism, competence; the foundational values any advertising medium presenting a service wishes to sell.

While simple in principle, in practice it may be very difficult to foster such a notion without having met or spoken to the service providers. Splash Development’s number one enemy is generic, impersonal, sterile sites. The team recognises the fundamental importance in producing something which fits the company and the people who work in it.

FMW Finance wanted a product which gave equal measure to both the quality of services they provide as well as the personality of the firm itself.

Quite a sophisticated site with substantial content, adding a personal, human touch posed quite a challenge; nothing that wasn’t quickly overcome.

The site holds a state of elegance and sophistication supported by soft blues and whites carefully colouring the exterior. A clean, readable content area presents a sense of professionalism to prospective clients. Well designed, smooth menu navigation assists all new visitors in their preliminary search of the site. This is all wrapped up by a side bar cleverly designed by Splash to dynamically bring new content to the top providing returned visitors with relevant updates and information.

Splash designed a site with the necessary flexibility to support the firm as it grows in years to come. Years of experience have made Splash Developments into a company which truly understands the needs of a business entering the World Wide Web and continually works to produce better quality products for its clients.