When Diona came to Splash Developments they wanted a simple, clever solution to their commercial needs. The site had to act as an advertising platform for their Civil Engineering Services, as well as a means of providing quick and easy access to information and resources.

The homepage of the site opens up affording a view of both content and a news stream. Clear, easy to read pages are fundamental in attracting the attention of visitor. The news stream is dynamically fed by Splash Development’s custom News Manager Plug-in. Splash recognises the importance of both content and layout in maintaining the focus of the user.

The News Manager plug-in itself adds unquantifiable value to the site for three main reasons. Firstly it allows site owners to quickly and easily add content to the site with little or no training and no prior tech experience. Secondly it saves time and money in paying a webmaster to do content updates for you. Why pay for something you can do for free? Lastly it improves the results of the site when searched for in Google or any other major search engine.

Splash worked hard to produce something which met the needs and reflected the image of the company;

“We're really happy with our website from Splash Developments. They took our ideas and goals and turned them into an engaging website with fantastic functionality.”

Splash can guarantee the team will always work hard to develop a scalable product which will bring commercial benefit now and in the future.