Pipeline Training


In a site where information is the product being provided, it is imperative that it be accessible as well as laid out in a logical manner. Splash immediately recognised this need and worked to design a template which made user navigation and searching an enjoyable experience.

Splash also recognised the need to engage the audience, preventing them from clicking away before they had found what they wanted. The clever use of Splash’s custom Image Manager as well News Manager Plug-ins meant new content could quickly and easily be added to the site. With little or no training, any administrator, regardless of technical experience, could with a few clicks upload new images or articles to the site. The articles will then be dynamically loaded onto the page providing returned viewers with new content each time.

Splash Developments always brings a broad skill set to the table with knowledge in all areas of e-commerce, technology and marketing. Through consistent use of common sense and intelligent decision making, anything produced by Splash will only improve the online profile of a business.