Master Instruments

As one of the leading edge portable power manufacturers and sellers in Australia it was imperative that the full extent of Master’s products (the biggest range in Australia) be visible to anyone wishing to do business. Splash immediately took it upon itself to develop a site which would clearly, logically and comprehensively display these products as well as manage them. This was undertaken in a two tier approach during which Splash Developments fully utilised their skills in graphic design as well as software and E-Commerce Platform  Design.

The site itself was custom made for the purpose of effectively and efficiently displaying the wide range of products and services Master has to offer. The homepage is broken up into segments each focusing on different aspects of the consumer market. Splash prides itself on the consideration it gives to use of space, layout and composure thereby optimising how a site’s visitors may receive it.

However this only scratches the surface. Splash continued to develop the site from the ground up going as far as to custom design and integrate a cross platform system which communicates between Master’s accounting system and the Business interface. Other useful tools were also integrated including a News Manager and News Letter Module which provide up to date content to all business partners and customers of Master Instruments.

Splash has worked extensively with product specialists at Master Instruments to produce a site which best met their needs. Accessibility and usability were paramount attributes to Splash whom recognised that the best way to advertise the entire range of products was to make them easy to find and navigate. Through careful utilisation of database technology, Splash successfully decomposed the products into categories by name, make, model and purpose. With a quick query of the search box anyone can find what they’re looking for.

Moreover Splash put time and effort into protecting the intellectual property of Master through a number of scripting and online safeguards.

Master Instrument’s relationship with Splash Developments continues to prosper as the success of the website only attracts further revenue.