Solution Plant Hire

Solution Plant Hire came to Splash Developments with two basic needs; advertising and an online business presence.  It was imperative Splash design a site with unique and original aesthetic qualities while maintaining easy navigation and usability.

A metallic grey, subtly textured, composes the background while a vibrant red carefully contrasted with white and black create a clean, precise look articulating the professional nature of the company. Meanwhile, a simple yet elegant navigation bar provides visitors with a quick and intuitive way of exploring the site.

Space is treated as a premium. By utilising clever custom scripts and coding, Splash was able to avoid the overwhelming clutter and seemingly bottomless web pages which tend to annoy and deter visitors. Advertising manifested in smooth, dynamic visuals utilise minimal space for maximum product exposure optimising the value of the online medium.

However what Splash had to offer went beyond an aesthetically pleasing facade.

Like any firm advertising their services, it is important that first time visitors are able to build a sense of trust in the site before they make their first transaction. Splash was quickly able to solve this problem through the use of its News Manager Plug-in. A custom online tool provided by Splash, site owners can quickly and easily upload news articles, updates and client testimonials to the site. These will be dynamically embedded on the web pages ensuring exposure to site visitors. This plug-in provides those without any technical experience in web administration to have full control over the content of their site.

However without a structured, logical way of presenting its products, all advertising done by Solution Plant Hire would be in vain. Once again Splash provided the answer. The Catalogue and Product Manager Plug-in designed by Splash provides a flexible and dynamic way of creating, uploading and showing new products on the web. Without any need for formal training or prior experience, users can quickly modify the commercial content of the site.

Splash Developments made every effort to guarantee Solution Plant Hire with a stable and fruitful online presence. Careful examination of goals and intelligent, elegant solutions to problems undoubtedly means many years of commercial prosperity to come.